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Tree Care is our passion

Middlesex Tree offers expert tree services,
ranging from technical removals to delicate care.
Safety is the top priority.

Our Expertise

Middlesex Tree is a family owned and operated tree care and removal company that has been servicing the Connecticut Shoreline for over 15 years. 

Middlesex Tree offers a wide range of reliable and fast tree services including expert advice on maintaining beautiful, healthy trees by our licensed arborists. Our services include the following: tree care related to prevention of storm damage, trimming, thinning, topping and shaping, tree removal, diseased or damaged tree care, lot clearing, pruning and cabeling, repairing or removing trees damaged by storms and brush chipping.

Our committment is to providing customer satisfaction and safety in every facet of our work. Select a service below for more information on how Middlesex Tree can get to the “root” of your problem!

When trees become hazardous or problematic, we’ll use proper equipment and techniques to address your safety and liability concerns.

Our certified arborists look out for the long-term health of your trees. We always discuss your options, making suggestions to help your trees thrive.

Expert pruning, by our trained arborists improves the health and appearance of trees while cabeling helps support the tree and reduce damage due to stress.

Our #1 priority following a storm is addressing our customers emergency needs to safely remove trees, limbs and debris from their property.

"We implement only the most advanced climbing and rigging techniques during the time of service to ensure that the job is completed safely and efficiently. All of our climbing technicians and groundsmen are trained in chainsaw handling, safety and ergonomics. Whatever the circumstance, our licensed arborists are truly the experts when it comes to caring for your trees. If you are looking for a quality, service-oriented company to meet your needs, then you have come to the right place. Our prices are competitive and personal attention is second to none."

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  • Old Lyme, CT

    Respect and follow through are the words that first come to mind. These seem like rarities these days with some companies but not with Middlesex Trees. Derek quickly came out to give me an estimate. As we walked around my property, he listened to me and made suggestions as to what needed to be done. He came out and completed the job precisely as planned, as he said he would. Derek even removed some additional, dead brush for me. The work was beyond remarkable. I feel safer with the removal of large trees near my house and now my yard has opened up. I will certainly contact Derek in the future.
  • Waterford, CT

    Derek and his team came to my attention through a friend. They were able to take care of multiple situations, from downed trees to removing large branches and dead wood. Derek also identified a bore problem in my largest tree and started the process that will hopefully save it. I enthusiastically recommend them for their expertise and reasonable prices.

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    Welcome to Middlesex Tree.

    We are a family owned and operated tree care and removal company that has been servicing the Connecticut Shoreline for over 15 years.



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